Scarsdale’s Middle-finger in Cuomo’s Face?

Alphonso David
Office of the Governor
Dear Mr David:

In my letter to you of April 9, 2014, I quoted the report of Inspector Okpokpo that stated that on February 28, 2014 he had been informed by the management staff of the Village of Scarsdale that the condition of the roadway at issue involved only “some potholes along the roadway”. That description of the roadway was both untrue and consistent with the hostile attitude of the Village Manager towards the Labor Department, as shown by the events preceding February 28th.

On February 10th, 2014, Michael Paglialonga, Associate Attorney to Commissioner Rivera, before whom my complaint was pending, had advised Village Manager Gatta to “address the issues raised” by me concerning the unsafe condition of the library roadway. (See, Paglialonga letter of February 10th, 2014 attached. )

On February 19th, 2014, Village Manager Gatta gave Mr Paglialonga what is universally recognized as a middle-finger response to Mr Paglialonga and Commissioner Rivera. (See, attached, my two February 19th letters to Paglialonga and Gatta.)

Mr Gatta’s middle-finger of February 19th was still pointed at Mr Paglialonga 9 days later on February 28th when, in my opinion, the false description of the roadway was given to the Inspector.

Within the past week or so, to the astonishment of the Library employees and the residents of Scarsdale, Mr Gatta has been laying cement left and right on the length and width of the roadway whose condition he has concealed from the Labor Department at great risk to the men, women, and children of Scarsdale. When it came to disclosing the truth to Mr Paglialonga in answer to my charges about the unsafe roadway, Gatta withheld his hand and gave Mr Paglialonga his middle-finger.

The lesson is plain: You can game the Labor Law and the Penal Law by doing years later what you should have done years earlier. Rely on it: government employees will look at Gatta’s and the Mayor’s cover up with all of that cement and approvingly overlook the governmental immorality that lay underneath it, yet at a moral cost that involves all of us, for the lack of a firm governmental moral will that involves cement and roads will be there in all its negative strength when the issue is changing zoning to integrate our middle class brothers and sisters.

What has happened in Scarsdale should be criticized by Governor Cuomo’s administration in proof of his readiness to micro-manage local governments who take comfort in their belief that local governance is beyond his attention.

I thank you, Mr David, for the attention that you will give this matter.

Harry Reynolds