Letter to Japan Today , a noteworthy publication in Japan, from Harry Reynolds, Attorney at Law         

My Dear Innocent Japanese Brothers

We in the United States have sent you Donald Duck as our ambassador to your country. She describes herself as a practicing attorney though she never practiced a day as a lawyer. Indeed, she is registered as a lawyer in New York City at an address of a design business owned by her husband. Professionals in our diplomatic service have derided her appointment. Every responsible journalist in the United States regards her as an intellectual invalid whose command of English ranges from zero to minus zero. When proposed as an ambassador to your country, she was on the verge of being suspended from the practice of law for having repeatedly failed to register as an attorney, a simple process that required, among other things, her affirming under oath that she had not, as an attorney, unlawfully  taken the property of any person. Her sole, in your face claim, to any public office, including her ambassadorship to Japan, is that she is the daughter of an assassinated President and hence has key to any position to which she arrogantly deems herself entitled.

             If I were Chinese and intent on asserting rights to a fly zone over waters near Japan, I would make every effort to challenge Donald Duck to discuss those issues in a televised conference, one that   American and Japanese  citizens can witness while throwing up uncontrollably.

Harry Reynolds,  Scarsdale, NY