The New York State Office of Court Administration’s sudden, unexplained change of Caroline Kennedy’s May, 2013 long registration from “Delinquent” to “Currently registered” may have been done in slip shod haste to satisfy her desire to be nominated by the President as Ambassador to Japan, all as proved by her  newly made May 1st registration application. Her registration application provides for the use of her credit card in payment of the $1,050 in fees owed by her for her periods of delinquency. Her credit card, however, recites its expiration date as July, 2011. Surely in May 2013 she knew of the invalidity of her credit card that had expired in July, 2011. Upon that new registration application the OCA must have relied in changing her status as a “Delinquent”.

            Evidence of a more serious failure in her registration application, however, is her certifying that she was exempt from acquiring the Continuing Legal Education credits that burdens all attorneys admitted in New York State. If her claim of an exemption was false, she may be compelled to face the issue whether in making it and filing her application she was conscious of that falsity. 

            In view of the fact that many people believe that Ms Kennedy, having never held a responsible position in government or elsewhere, should not represent the nation as the Ambassador to Japan, a position in which her ignorance and lack of judgment might well imperil us.

            Put as sharply as possible, we cannot afford another Benghazi, and the President should not put us to that risk simply because in some way it pleases him personally to satisfy this self-centered, multi-million dollar woman, who believes that solely by reason of her birth she is entitled to it.  

 Harry Reynolds

 Scarsdale, NY