Afghan-Iraq War: Of 6,310 US War Dead, 39 were Jewish

                                         “Of 6,310 US War Dead, 39 Were Jewish”
                                                                                      by Harry Reynolds
     The Forward, the nation’s premier weekly Jewish newspaper, front-paged in its February 18, 2011 issue an article, Profiles of Our Fallen, the opening statements of which were:
“Later this year, the United States will mark the 10th anniversary of its military involvement in Afghanistan. March 20 will mark the eighth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. The Department of Defense reports that as of February 7, 5775 members of the U.S. armed forces have been killed in these theaters of war. American Jews make up only a fraction of these casualties – by a reliable count, 37 men and women who lost their lives in combat.”
 In its editorial in the same issue, the Forward states:
“In the Jewish community, there is often more focus on those Americans who enlist in the Israel Defense Forces than those who have chosen to fight under the stars and stripes.It’s an unspoken, uncomfortable truth: the IDF is the Jewish military. About 650 of the “lone soldiers” currently serving in the IDF are dual American-Israeli citizens****.”.
“By contrast, of the U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, only 1,500 are Jewish, 1% of the total currently deployed there.”
     In its editorial of November 11, 2011, the Forward stated:    
    “As of this writing, 4,482 American servicemen and women have died in Iraq, and 1,828 in Afghanistan, according to the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count. That brings the total to 6,310 lost lives. Jews are a tiny portion of America’s military, the number of Jewish deaths smaller still, but that’s no excuse for our general amnesia. Some synagogues call out the names of the dead before their congregations recite the mourner’s Kaddish, and veterans groups try to remind us to remember.
    “Does anyone really believe that is enough?”
      What facts, if any,  may be inferred from these figures published by the Forward? Would those facts incite anti-Semites? If so, what is to be gained by publishing them?